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Bungee Run Hire

bungee-run-hireThe bungee run is most likely the 2nd most preferred inflatable game readily available in most party hir companies. This game is rather basic also and enables your young adults to contend versus each other in a race. All they do is to put strapped into bungee vests, grab a Velcro marker, and run towards a target at the end of the bungee run in order to buy additionally compared to their challenger. This is an excellent inflatable for hire, ready little ones of all ages.

In our Dual Lane Bungee run, you will have the most amount of fun on a bungee run and everyone watching will laugh so much they may even wet themselves.You compete against another person in the next lane and try to go as far down the run as you can and attach a Velcro marker in the middle. The one who goes the furthest to the end wins.When the Bungee cord retracts it will slingshot you back to the start and if you jump when you cannot go any further down the run it will have you flying backwards to a safe landing on the inflatable bungee. This a very competitive game and is fantastic for corporate events and team building.


Our Bungee Run meets the Australian Safety Standards AS3533.4.1. WE Do Not Charge You For Weight Bags If On Concrete or in a Hall  Area Required  for the bungee equipment  hire is 12mtrs x 3.5 mtrs

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