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Posted by on Nov 18, 2013

HI ALL Before hiring a castle from any hire company you need to know the risks involved with cheap castles
most small companies will buy a cheaper castle to start out or to add to there stock to look like there a big company
The risk they face or you face is when an incident happens they soon realize there cheap castle is not covered by insurance that’s if they have insurance!! more about that later…
A cheaper castle like the ones from China will have a Velcro entrance where you open the castle to enter it will not stay safe or closed after a short period of time and your children run the risk of falling through this section of the castle and may injure them self’s.
Cheaper castles may not have Bump steps at the entry point these are designed to stay up till the last bit of air has been removed from the castle so the children have a sturdy exit without the step they would have nothing safe to exit to…

Mesh walls need to have the black Mesh see through Walls with 8-10mm mesh opening
This is so children do not put there fingers through the mesh and get stuck
if you hire a castle with mesh walls that your fingers will fit through then this will not be covered by insurance 35-35mm holes for walls are unsafe.


This mesh does not pass Australian Safety for Jumping castle Hire and will not be covered by Insurance.

 Tie Down points need to be to Australian Design Regulations most cheaper castles are not there needs to be at least two Tie Down points per corner and various other area’s pending size and height.
This single Tie Down point does not pass Australian Safety for Jumping castle Hire and will not be covered by Insurance.

One more thing to consider is are you Hiring a castle with the right theme or a castle that has a patch on the front that can be changed to suit many theme’s!!
Awesome Party Hire only use one Castle per theme and it is not a patch ad on so your getting what you paid for with Awesome Party Hire…

Insurance is high for the hire industry and we understand that many will opt out of paying there insurance to save a dollar the bottom line is if they do not have in insurance then they are putting the  safety of your children at risk.

If there not paying insurance then, there not paying for test and tag , workers compensation, and work safe

Awesome Party Hire
Have Insurance, Test and Tag , Work Safe and Workers Compensation up to date full stop.

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