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Posted by on Aug 2, 2016

<div>Inflatable air beds can be a good investment if you know what to look for and have a little extra cash to spend. For people who tend to get a full house with frequent guests or for individuals who are saving up to buy bedroom furniture, inflatable air beds may be exactly what you need. Yet with any type of product on the market, there are pros and cons.<br /> <br /> Pros<br /> <br /> Inflatable air beds are portable and can stored anywhere. They save a lot of space, since they can be deflated and put away after being used. Ease is another factor; inflatable airbeds usually come with a foot pump that is simple to use. If you want even more convenience, look models that come with an electric pump. Another pro is that depending on the brand; often time inflatable beds can be more comfortable than a regular mattress. You don’t have springs or strange pressure points.<br /> <br /> When sleeping, probably the most important thing to consider is comfort. Inflatable beds come in a wide variety of thickness as well as size. Inflatable airbeds have come a long way and now are completely customizable in terms of options. Some people prefer to sleep on soft surfaces, while others like firm support. Not only are there air beds made for different sleeping preferences, there are models available with adjustable air chambers on each side. This means that two people sleeping on the same mattress can adjust the feel and pressure to their liking.<br /> <br /> Cons<br /> <br /> There are not a whole lot of cons, considering that you have a large assortment of inflatable beds to choose from. Though, there are some things that you should look out for. You have to be a little careful with inflatable air beds, because if they can become damaged. Being that they are made out of plastic, a hole is something that you want to avoid.<br /> <br /> You will see many inflatable beds on the market, but you have to be careful. Many cheaply made air mattresses will not last for long-term use; because either they will wear out or they are more susceptible to becoming damage. A word of advice, stay away from inflatable airbeds made from vinyl. Vinyl is the worst material to choose if you are looking for durability.<br /> <br /> Conclusion<br /> <br /> To ensure that you get an inflatable bed that is not only comfortable, but will last you awhile – take some time during your research on these beds. If you plan on buying locally, check with different stores and if all possible, test it and see if it suits your comfort level. Or a better option is to buy online, as you can find an inflatable air beds at a more affordable price online, than you can inside store. But if you want a quality mattress, be prepared to spend a little extra. Finally, before you make your final decision, do a search and read consumer reviews to find out how well and satisfied customers are with a particular model.</div>

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