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Posted by on Aug 2, 2016

Summer is a variety of infectious diseases, high season, young children are more vulnerable to pathogens is compromised. Yesterday, the reporter found that many children’s play facilities, inflatable castles are not long-term clean-up, the clean way is worrying. When looking at the press department, but faced a “health no control” embarrassment.

Yesterday morning, a reporter through a shopping mall Liuquan Road Zhangdian District in the door, a man is cleaning a large inflatable castles. I saw the man standing barefoot put a gas inflatable castles are toys with a clean mop water, he often went to the roadside, his hands on the water wrung out mop, and then continue to use. “Master, do not clean up with a mop health, right?” A reporter approached asked, “so big a thing, do not mop with what?” The man asked rhetorically, “Consumers should also disinfect drag it over?” Reporter asked, “disinfection? What is this thing also eliminate toxic? so would then wipe the cloth on the line. “says the man. Finished, the man complained to reporters together. It turned out long ago with children urinating on toys. Journalists can not help but worry about them, this clean-up methods can clean out the bacteria above it?

Yesterday afternoon, the inflatable castles on health management, the reporter first contacted the Zhangdian urban management department, and they said they are only responsible for the approval of the large inflatable castles, is not responsible for their health management, then, the reporter also were contacted Zibo Municipal Health Inspection Bureau, Centers for Disease Control Zhangdian District, Zhangdian District Health Board and the Zhangdian District Sanitation Bureau, said they were not his own jurisdiction. “Is health really inflatable castles nobody management?” Journalists will continue to focus on the matter.

Watched the clean-up after the manner of the operators, and some parents also expressed the same concerns. “Whether the child can be clean and not clean up after their bed to keep up with, like, sitting, lying down, tummy, like how to play on how to play, constant contact with the skin surface, toys, do not want to spread germs is immune.” Most people think, whether it is children’s play area in the fitness facilities or equipment, should be regularly cleaned and disinfected, or vulnerable to become the route of transmission of germs.

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