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Jumping Castle

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016

There is another very scenic and picturesque location for holidays in Pembrokeshire in Wales and that is Picton Castle. This structure standing now is actually a replacement of the old Winston Castle which stood in here in Wales in the 13th century. The estate covers over 40 acres of land, no short walk and is open to the public. Color and life break out from the Woodland Gardens during Spring and plants and shrubs populate the vicinity including holiday cottages UK not far away.

Wonderful Walks

A visit to the grounds of this estate during your holiday in Pembrokeshire would give you a glimpse of a hundreds of different plant species and also animal species, you might see them scurrying around the shrubbery and nearby the holiday cottages UK. This is also part of a national protected reserve. Flowering blossoms and even wild flowers and short shrubs complete the view around a captivating fountain. Many visitors for holidays in Pembrokeshire take short walks to admire the view here and of course take pictures of the scenery. It is such a beautiful sight to behold as the views of the fountain break into the foreground of the flowers and trees.

The courtyard which serves as the bridge between the castle and the rest of the woodland areas are usually bustling with visitors, the familiar sight of tourists on the way to short walks and visitor coming to admire the views of the plants and the hillsides and surrounding holiday cottages UK that are equally stunning.

Woodland Garden

Most of the Woodland Garden is comprised of natural trees and plants, but there are quite a few plants that have been strategically planted to add beauty to the place, this and views of some faraway holiday cottages UK make it all the more astounding. Some of the largest and oldest trees in West Wales can be found in these woodlands. This place is a real treat and if you fancy a visit to Wales, then a short break to the Picton Castle should be on your itinerary for your holidays in Pembrokeshire.

The Castle Galleries

The Picton Castle in Pembrokeshire is also known for a wonderful art gallery and is arguably one of the best spaces of its type in Wales. A short break from the natural wonders and the beautiful holiday cottages UK outside will take you on a magnificent journey into the beauty that breaks boundaries that local and international talents can create. Stunning shows light up the gallery and the occasional art events also grace its halls. Many of its works are also available for sale at The Picton Castle Online Art Gallery, but nothing beats seeing these magnificent works of art face to face. For those patrons who have already visited, there has been a lot remodeling work going on and a new and improved gallery is actually catering to the public as of right now so the next holidays in Pembrokeshire should definitely include a visit to the Picton Castle Galleries.

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