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Jumping Castles For Sale

Jumping Castles For Sale

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016

One of the main attractions of Wales is its collection of castles.  These are not only great to look at but learning about the history of the castle makes for a fun-filled experience for the whole family.  After all, it does not take a history buff to appreciate the significance and beauty of the castles people on holidays in Pembrokeshire can visit after staying at holiday cottages UK.

Located in Gwynedd, the Caernarfon Castle is a great place to visit because of its rich history.  The castle was built in 1284 by King Edward I and it is said to have been designed to match the beauty of Constantinople’s castles back in the day.  The castle features high wall with slits here and there for archers to shoot from.  You can fully appreciate the beauty of its design if you visit it on your holidays in Pembrokeshire.

During its heyday, the Caernarfon Castle is not only used to defend the surrounding lands but was also used as a palace for the monarchs.  In addition, around the castle and within its walls, a town and a market were founded by King Edward I.  Today, there are plenty of exhibits adorning the inside of the castle and visitors can learn more about the lives of people back then and at the same time have a great time traversing the halls of the ancient castle.  It is recommended that during the busiest time of the year, if you are planning to visit this castle, you should have a booked room on holiday cottages UK around the area to make travelling easier.

The Chepstow Castle in Wales is another good spot to visit during holidays in Pembrokeshire.  This is older than the Caernarfon Castle as construction of this started in 1066.  It was constructed to be a fort overlooking an important part of the River Wye.  It also holds the distinction of being the first castle in Britain to be made entirely out of stone which is saying a lot about its durability.

By the 16th century, Richard Bigod III essentially transformed the castle into a palace by adding more comfortable living quarters, probably even more comfortable than holiday cottages UK considering it was for royalty.  It was opened in 1953 to tourists and today, it boasts of life-size models of its previous occupants.

Apart from these two, there are also numerous more castles ready to be explored by tourists like you on holidays in Pembrokeshire.  It would be wise to pick a few castles to visit especially if you are looking to experience the other attractions in Wales.  When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of holiday cottages UK you can visit on your trip.  You can do more research online if you think there are other castles that would pique your interest more and worthy of your visit when on holidays in Pembrokeshire.  Also, you can add to your research a search for holiday cottages UK.

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